Galactic Guardians Booster Pulls

I’ve been promising the share my Galactic Guardians pulls for what feels like forever, and now I’m finally getting around to it! Better late than never, right?

I ordered three boosters, and then as I was placing an order for some singles, I threw one more booster in there. I got them all for just under 9 bucks each, so that’s not too shabby. I’m looking to buy some Giant Sized X-Men boosters, but I can’t find any place that has them in stock. Anyone out there got any tips?

So on to the pulls! Well, first, I should add that I wasn’t holding my breath. My luck with pulls has been horrid, so I decided ahead of time not to count on anything. I wanted just about everything in this set, so I’d be happy with whatever I got.

With that said! My first booster was epic. I could see Nova Prime, which I was pleased with. Blood Brother, eh… Then as I pulled it out, I see that I not only got Dr. Strange, but an Astral to go with him! I really wanted both of those, and then lastly, a Mr. Fantastic Super Rare! That’s my first super rare pull. Awesome.


Next booster had a Nova Corp Recruit, and Namor who I was pretty pleased with. It also had Drax, my favorite member of the Infinity Watch. This guy performed so great that I might write a review on him. He rocked some games over the weekend. There was also Red Shift to go with my Heralds collection, and a Silver Surfer. Another great pull in my opinion!


The next booster was my weakest, I felt. A Nova Prime and Drax doubles, but that’s okay cause I was hoping for some trade fodder. Lyja the Lazerfist and Xavin are two skrulls I’m unfamiliar with, so they’re trade fodder too. The saving grace of this booster was Morg to go in with the rest of my Heralds.


Lastly, my final booster came through for yet another great set of pulls. First were a few generics, Doombot and Annihilation Seeker and another Astral to go with my Dr. Strange. Then another Silver Surfer so I’ve got some quality trade fodder, and finally another SR, Stranger. I used him a little bit, and his power is impressive.


So those are my Galactic Guardian pulls! Stay tuned Clix fans for some terrain updates, and I may try writing some fig reviews.


Secret Warriors

Getting into HeroClix, I knew right away one of the first things I wanted to do was build teams. I’m all for the random battles, too, but I also want to see X-Men vs Avengers, New Warriors vs Infinity Watch, etc. With my latest purchase of singles, I filled out my first team – Secret Warriors!

The Secret Warriors are new to me, so don’t get too up in arms if I get any of their story wrong. As I understand it, they are a group of super powered agents lead by Nick Fury. He formed the team during the Secret Invasion story, where the Skrull were posing as heroes and setting the stage to take over the world. Most of the characters seem to be the children of various heroes or villains, like the son of Ares, daughter of Mr. Hyde, and a descendant of Phantom Rider.

Thus far, I’ve only played Phobos and Slingshot. It’s a lower point team, but I actually find them more fun and requiring more finese than all-powerful teams and heroes. Phobos is really useful, with blades, and later a mind control and probability control. He seems like a nice jack of all trades, good offense and utility. Then we have Slingshot. I’ve professed my love for speeders before, and she’s no exception. Their mobility, break aways, and ability to hit and run is pretty nifty.


As for the other characters, I haven’t played them yet, but I’ll touch a bit on how they look at a glance. Nick Fury is their leader and he’s indomitable. He looks like he gets a nifty team ability where he’ll remove action tokens from his Secret Warriors on the move. Then we have Stonewall, who may serve as a tank or at the very least a front line fighter. Then we have Quake and Hellfire. They seem to have pretty good area damage, with Quake, you guessed it, using the power Quake. She has an improved version of this as well. I almost didn’t buy Hellfire, but he has a penetrating Energy Explosion. I love this power, so I’m glad I bought him for the team.

And that’s my first team, Secret Warriors! Stay tuned to find out how they play in the next Battle Report, as well as more pulls and additions to my every growing army of miniatures. Until next time, Clix fans!

Several New Clix

A new order of Clix has just come in the mail, and I’m all sorts of geek excited. These are some singles I picked up to try to flesh out some more of the teams I’m working on. I bought them from Troll and Toad, and I don’t believe I paid more than a buck for any of them. They shipped fast and packaged nicely, so if you’re looking to buy some Clix, I’d recommend these guys.

On to the Clix! First up, Warpath. I had to buy this guy because, as I’m sure I said before, one of my favorite teams is X-Force. I’ve got X-23 and Wolfsbane already, so getting my hands on Warpath became a priority! I also nabbed Namorita for my New Warriors team. I’ve got a ways to go to fill out my New Warriors, but I’m pretty excited to get that team up and running.

I also purchased Nick Fury, Stonewall, Quake and Hellfire. These guys belong to the Secret Warriors team that I wasn’t familiar with until I started playing HeroClix. I got Phobos and Slingshot and they were both really fun to play, and I liked their uniforms, so I wanted to complete the team. Now I have them! I’m planning to write an article every time I finish a team, and first up will be Secret Warriors.


I picked up Siryn and Strong Guy for an X-Factor team I’m building. The team will be hilarious. The plan is just going to be these two and as many Madrox’s as I can squeeze in. And every time Multiple Man gets hit, a roll of the dice determines whether or not he will multiply and place a dupe on the board. Sounded like fun to me! Strong Guy and especially Siryn have really nice sculpts, too.

Then there’s Arachne and Darkhawk for my West Coast Avengers team. I’ve already got US Agent and War Machine, so they’re about as complete as I can get them for now. There’s a Hawkeye from an old set, but he’s pricey and his stats are a little low. I’m hoping there will be a new Hawkeye for Chaos War, and I know there will be a Vision. Perhaps in June this team will assemble!

Lastly, I got a Red Shift. A herald of Galactus for .50 cents seemed to good to pass up. That’s all for now, Clix fans! Stay tuned for my Galactic Guardians pulls and the Secret Warriors team review!

Marvel on Netflix

Hello again readers. Today’s article is just to let you all know about all the Marvel shows and movies there are to watch on Netflix, instant watcher. The shows have been up for a while now, but they just added several of Marvel’s animated films that I thought I’d bring to your attention. If you’ve got Netflix and you like comics, these are all worth checking out!

For the animated films, they just added Doctor Strange and Planet Hulk, both of which I highly recommend. There is also two Avengers movies, Iron Man and Hulk Vs. which is apparently two mini-movies about Hulk fighting Thor and then Wolverine.

For the shows, there’s a bunch. Wolverine and the X-Men is top notch and definitely my favorite. Silver Surfer, X-Men Evolution and Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes are all very good too. X-Men Evolution is a take on the student aspect of the X-Men, but each season did well to have a villain lying in wait while they fleshed out characters back stories, and then the season finales always ended with an awesome show down. There are also two Iron Man shows, the Hulk, and a couple of Spider-Man shows. I haven’t really watched these much yet, so I can’t say whether they’re good or not.

So if you’ve got Netflix, check it out! Until next time, Clix fans!

Supernatural Themed HeroClix

I grew up on Marvel comics. X-Men was my favorite comic. It had the show on television, and Jim Lee was doing amazing things with them. I liked the entire Marvel universe though, from the galactic characters to the b-list street level heroes. Still, a close second to my beloved X-Men, was the Midnight Sons.

I was a huge fan of the horror themed heroes, especially Ghost Rider. Sadly, these guys seem to be pretty overlooked in HeroClix! I think it’s high time we got an entire set dedicated to the heroes keeping the creatures of the night at bay. I’ve seen this idea a lot on the HCRealms forums, so I’m not going to pretend it’s solely my idea, but if WizKids actually did give us this set, it would be a brick I bought for sure.

So what sort of heroes should we see in a supernatural themed Marvel set? There are obvious choices, like all of the Midnight Sons. Ghost Rider on his motorcycle would be great, and not a super rare – I can’t seem to get my hands on the Ghost Rider super rare from the Hulk set. I’d like to see two Ghost Riders, actually, the Johnny Blaze version and Danny Ketch.


Morbius could use an update, and I’m surprised we haven’t already seen a new Blade. There hasn’t been a Blade fig since they introduced cards, and he’s a name brand hero. One could argue it was the success of his movies that started the current super hero film craze. There are several Dr. Strange figs to choose from, so maybe another incarnation – didn’t he mask himself and go by the name Strange for a while? All of the Nightstalkers and Darkhold Redeemers, and maybe even make Darkhold an object?

There are plenty of villains. Lilith and her lilin would make fine generics, as well as any old vampire. Vengeance, Deacon Frost, Blackout, Blackheart, and Mephisto could use a new update.

Sleepwalker isn’t really a horror hero, I guess, but he’s close enough to make it into the set. I always thought his lore was interesting – his “host” is an average Joe which he lies dormant within until he sleeps. Then out comes Sleepwalker and he beats up bad guys in shadowy alleys. Plus he just looks cool.

Then there’s the newer Midnight Sons lead by Morbius. Man-Thing, Werewolf by Night (which could also serve to tie in Moon Knight), and Damien Hellfire. Seems like there was a female sorcerous of some sort but her name escapes me now.


So, who’s with me? Can I finally field a decent Midnight Sons team? Preferably in a graveyard map with lots of demons and undead to smite. Do it, WizKids, and I’ll buy a brick!


Hello again Clix fans! Today’s article is indirectly related to HeroClix and applies more to any hobby, really. It’s called SwagBucks, and how it relates to hobbies is, well, easy money to support our hobby! I found it a few years back when money was tight, and so I turned to the Internet to find any little way I could to treat myself once in a while without breaking the bank.

Search & Win

I found SwagBucks. I also found PaperBackSwap, which you should check out if you’re a reader. But this article is about SwagBucks! So let me explain how it works.

At it’s core, it’s just a points system. Earn points, buy rewards with them. In my case, I almost always buy Amazon gift cards, since you can get just about anything from Amazon, though I’ve bought Barnes and Noble and iTunes gift cards as well.

How do you earn points? It’s pretty painless. You just use the SwagBucks search engine. Random searches will reward you with SwagBucks. Signing people up also earns points. When someone you signed up earns points, you earn points. So when I first found SwagBucks in a thread, I clicked on his link and signed up, and through earning points I earned that guy points as well.

It starts off a little slow at first, but I’m at a point now where I earn about 25 bucks via Amazon gift cards a month. I spend them on my hobby stuff, like HeroClix boosters, but I’ve gotten bigger things as well. I bought my girlfriend a Nintendo DS for Christmas once, spending almost entirely money earned through SwagBucks.

So in closing, I know there are lots of scams out there on the Internet, but this isn’t one of them. I’ve used it for years, and I’ve never gotten any spam email or anything like that. I’ve just earned literally hundreds of dollars in the past few years, which feels a lot like free money, that I then blow on HeroClix.

Try it out by clicking here and see if you like it! And stay tuned for more articles. I’ll be unboxing four Galactic Guardians boosters pretty soon, all of which were paid for with SwagBucks money, I might add! Until next time, Clixers!

Battle Report #2

Howdy and welcome back readers! My blog suffered a few days of neglect, but I assure you it was for a good cause. My nephew came over for a long weekend of lots of HeroClix play. We had a lot of new figs to try out thanks to a generous offer from a fellow gamer over at HCRealms, and the map that I had been working on, while not finished, was certainly game ready. So let’s jump right into the action!

We had a few battles Friday night, and Garrett took a lot of victories. I wanted to try a Hydra team out, so I fielded Mentallo, Richard Fisk, Hardball and Viper. I don’t recall his team exactly, but it was a power house team, including the Hulk and Abomination. They rolled over my team pretty easily. We didn’t get much actual play in, as we were dusting off the cobwebs of trying to remember all the rules and powers, and dividing up our forces took some time.

I did take one victory that night though, but it was a cheap one. I fielded the same Hydra team, plus Captain America and Black Cat. He likes his alter egos, so he turned Bruce Banner and Eddie Brock into Hulk and Venom, his old Captain America from the first battle, Armadillo and Luke Cage. I won, but it was a cheesy victory, exploiting Black Cat’s Bad Luck power.

For those that don’t know, she’s terribly over powered. For just 52 points you can park her in Stealth and make every enemy reroll their attacks. The obvious strategy would be to get back there and kill her, but she has 17 defense and Combat Reflexes, making it a hard-to-hit 19. Really over-powered.

Saturday brought in my trade figs, so I had two cherry picked figs to field and that turned the tide of things. First, we wanted to try out our Apocalypse colossal. You can read about him in a previous blog, and I touched on some of the battle notes there. He played him and crushed my Cyclops, Rogue and Psylocke. Then we cheated and fielded a 500 point team, adding in some X-Force via Wolfsbane and X-23. They won, but it wasn’t a very rewarding victory.


Then came my first real victory. Garrett didn’t want to crush me with the Hulk again, so he brought out Puma, Chameleon, Venom, Carnage and turned John Jameson into Man-Wolf. I used a bunch of my new figs – War Machine, Firestar, US Agent, Phobos, and I tried my hand with an alter ego, turning Peter Parker to Spiderman. I dominated pretty badly, but it was through a strategic misstep on his part. He clustered up his forces and War Machine and Firestar rained fire down on them. Firestar’s starting click with Energy Explosion is fantastic. With some decent rolls she can really lay on the hurt if they gather up. By the time I turned Peter Parker, the battle was already won.


After a loss, he went all out on the next battle. He fielded Hulk, Abomination, Venom, Klaw, Man-Wolf and he squeezed Patriot in there. Having flash backs of Hulk smashing my forces the night before, I brought in cheesy Black Cat in addition to Cyclops, Leader, Black Widow, Red Hulk and US Agent. My strategy was to ruin his day with Black Cat, and use Leader and Black Widow for crowd control. Well, Leader’s utility proved to be enough and Black Widow ended up just providing a little extra fire power. Cyclops and Red Hulk blasted and tore their way through them with surprising ease. We both agreed Black Cat was just insanely over-powered, and I decided not to use her anymore.

Next he tried to field some more strategic characters instead of his usual tank teams. He chose Doorman, who he used quite well to taxi characters around, as well as Chameleon, Sin, Spiderman, Nomad and Will-o-the-Wisp. I brought out Phobos, Slingshot, X-23, Wolfsbane, Blob, and Firestar. He didn’t cluster up this time, and in fact he lured me into stealth pretty well. I charged Blob in recklessly as he’s such a tank, but they picked him apart. It was a team heavy with Blades/Claws/Fangs, though, and they tore him up. X-23 even had a crazy round where she had Flurry and Blades up and killed two enemies in one round.


Next we did a smaller match. He was bringing out the Hulk again, but I didn’t want to cheese it up with Black Cat. So I brought out Cyclops, Rogue, Psylocke and X-23 vs his Hulk, Spiderman, Chameleon and Doorman. It was a fun, close match. My strategy was not to piss the Hulk off, so I ignored him and tried to pick his team apart. They’re all pretty evasive, with Shape Change or Super Senses. Spiderman sitting in stealth made for a problem, and it came down to an injured Cyclops, Rogue and Psylocke vs Hulk. He succeeded in smashing Rogue and Cyc, but Psylocke finished him off with a high roll on her psychic knife after Cyc knocked him off his crazy 19 defense/5 damage dial.


Monday we decided to go out with a bang, doing our largest battle yet at 1,000 points. We each fielded our toughest guys, while leaving Black Cat out. My plan again was to take everyone out and leave Hulk for last, but I changed my strategy at the last moment. After failing a break away roll, I was left with Phobos staring Hulk in the face, axe in hand. I decided to hell with it, I hate to pass a character that can be doing some damage. I also figured maybe it would be wiser to try to take Hulk out with a full team, rather than wait until they’re half dead and all hurt. It worked out and we killed him pretty fast. With Hulk out of the way, the rest of his forces fell one by one.

I can’t be sure, but I think they’re ganging up on Cyclops.

That battle wrapped up faster than we expected, so we decided to up the ante to a 1,500 point match. Same drill, we each fielded teams to win. This was the funnest battle of the weekend. It was a little overwhelming with so many characters on the map, trying to keep track of it all was a bit much. But what that did for us, was it slowed the pace of the battle down a bit, and it made it much more strategic. There were also so many figs on the map that the tide turned back and forth several times, making it exciting for both of us.

The very first round he took out Firestar. I flew her too close and hadn’t anticipated just how many attacks he’d get on her in such a big match, so there went my Energy Explosion cannon and his morale was high. It continued like this for a bit, with him a kill or two ahead of me the whole time. Then I took it back a bit, with a big round with some high rolls killing Hulk, hitting his 19 defense for big damage. That same round War Machine landed a double kill, targeting two injured characters and mowing them down.


So the battle was bag in my favor, but not for long. Normally I land a few fliers up on the building and blast down on them, and he tends to ignore them. Not this time, however. He used Doorman to teleport up some of his tough melee characters which scattered my strategy a bit. He tried to pile Carnage and Venom up on Red Hulk, but Hulk was holding his own against them with some lucky rolls. I made the mistake that he had made earlier, though, clustering my forces up in the street. Nomad came out of nowhere with an Energy Explosion of his own while Klaw kept pushing Pulse Wave. He blasted down several of my figs this way and I started to get nervous. He blew through my front line and I realized I had neglected a lot of ranged firepower he had lying in wait.

But my Cyclops had gone untouched the whole match, and that’s a fig you don’t want to ignore. His Leadership kept others going strong, his Willpower and sharpshooter icon had him blasting through the forces and picking his team apart. And I’ve said before how much I love speeders. Slingshot was still in it, and I raced her through to tie up his ranged characters. I think I won because of this strategy and some insanely lucky rolls. Slingshot is squishy, so I figured she may die quick doing this, but I kept making her Super Senses roll again and again. It kept some lethal ranged characters tied up while I got a few kills and finally won the battle.


So that was our weekend of playing HeroClix. We each had a blast. I felt a bit bad as, for a while there, Garrett just couldn’t seem to win. I kept giving him pointers but it wasn’t working. We finally agreed that maybe it was the order of figs that came in on Saturday giving me an advantage, so I’m hoping he gets some good pulls with the boosters I buy us from Galactic Guardians, and I took down an order of figs he would like to try to buy or trade for to toughen his roster up a bit.

Hope you enjoyed the report, and stay tuned Clix fans! There’s still plenty of posts coming down the pipeline! I’ll leave you all with a Hulk vs Red Hulk shot. Until next time!